Present or Present Moment by Lisa Wisdom

Present or Present Moment by Lisa Wisdom

Life is happening now! The holidays are here. Are you caught up in all your to do lists that you are losing sight of what’s really going right now? You’re only guaranteed this moment in life! Are you enjoying this moment or are you caught up in your thoughts? 

Let me ask you this: What are you thinking about right at this moment? 

· Is it something from the past?

· Is it something that’s coming up?

Stop and notice! Are you caught up thinking about something that happened to you in the past? Are you caught up thinking about something that’s going to happen in the future? Do you get so caught up with things and stories of things that happened to you that you really don’t even notice what’s going on at this moment? 

Have you driven somewhere and didn’t even notice how you got there and just went through the motions? Are you concerned about a certain situation that’s going to be coming up in the future that you keep playing in your head causing you anxiety and stress?

Here are 2 reasons why yoga and meditation can really help you. 

1. If you can bring your attention to your breath, then your mind stays in the moment. 

2. Your mind will not drift to the past or future because your attention is in the now and on your breath. 

It’s such a simple way of bringing your attention away from our thoughts, outside stimulation like our cell phones, social media, television to quiet down the mind. 

Easier said than done, right? 

Once your mind is relaxed, you can start to notice what is happening in the now! You will notice how good it feels to do this and your mind will feel calm, clear and focused. Taking a few minutes every day by setting a timer on your phone to allow you to clear your mind will become a welcoming habit that you will look forward to on a daily basis. It is one of the goals of our yoga practice. By allowing yourself to focus on your breath, you will quiet down the mental chatter. In yoga, we refer to it as the monkey mind. Just like a monkey jumps from branch to branch, your mind jumps from thought to thought. When you bring your attention to your breath, just say two simple things to yourself, 

1. “Breathe in,” as you inhale

2. “Breathe out,” as you exhale 

Just by doing this simple exercise will allow your mind to focus on your breath. If you can start to bring your attention to your breath, then it helps you to clear the mind & bring you back to the now. You can spend hours which turn into days, then weeks hashing stuff over in your monkey mind. Yet when you come to the yoga mat focusing your attention to your breath, you can control and start to quiet the mind. Then you can control the monkey vs. the monkey controlling you.

So many of us including myself, get stuck in the mind of the past causing all kinds of anxiety, stress and worry. If you can learn from the principles of yoga & bring your attention back to the present moment knowing that the power lies in the present not the past or future. 

Let me know how this technique helps you. Remember power resides in the present moment! 

The more you practice bringing your attention to your breath, the more you will be able to stay in the NOW! What do you have to lose? Subscribe to receive a FREE 8 minute Present Moment Meditation to help you get centered and calm over the holiday season. 

Give this mindfulness breath technique a try these next 30 days! 

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Try this! Start with where you’re sitting right at this moment. Are you in a house, apartment, mobile home? Say to yourself as you breath in, “breathing in” and as you breath out, say to yourself, “breathing out” to complete your breath cycle. See if it helps you calm down, stay centered, grounded and most importantly in the present moment! 

Let me know if you practiced your breath technique & tag #teamwisdomyoga in Instagram with a picture after you do this technique to see how calm and beautiful you look & how it’s helped you not react in your life! With the holidays here, rather than spends hundreds of dollars buying gifts, why don’t you put away your phone and really connect with yourself or whom you’re with. The best present you can give someone is 100% of your undivided attention! 

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