Ayurveda 101 by Lisa Wisdom

Ayurveda 101 by Lisa Wisdom

Fall is so vibrant! With the leaves changing colors to beautiful gold, brown, red and orange and as the air gets crisper and temperatures start dropping, how can your yoga and meditation practice help you prepare for a seasonal shift as well as looking into an alternative to support your health?  The answer may be in incorporating small practical ways of Ayurveda into our daily lives as I have just finished an Ayurveda training last week in Atlanta & wanted to share some of this with you.

What is Ayurveda? Ayurveda is the sister of yoga, the science of life and is one of the oldest natural forms of medicine dating back 3000 years. Ayurveda focuses on bringing balance to the mind, body and spirit through purification. Based on our own individual constitution, we can be a combination of pitta, kapha or vata dosha. There are a number of different online quizzes to help determine your dosha. The one I recommend is Naturesformulary.com/test/dosha-test which is free. Fall season is considered the Vata season with qualities of cold, dry and light. Our bodies are trying to release the heat from summer. So, by taking advantage of the tools of Ayurveda, you can stay vibrant and healthy all season!

There are daily things you can put in your yoga toolbox to help you increase your prana or life force energy to help your body prepare for the upcoming winter months.

1. Practice yoga: Find a local yoga studio, gym or go on TeamWisdomYoga Youtube channel and subscribe for free yoga videos and even give yourself permission to slow down your yoga practice during this time. Just keep your practice consistent during this fall season and focus on extending your inhale and exhale length connecting breath with movement

2. Incorporate more whole foods into your diet such as vegetables and fruit. What you put in your body today affects your body 28 days from now. So, to be the best version of you, use common sense and put good, clean non-GMO food in your body.

3. Meditate: even taking 5 minutes a day or using an APP on your phone or tablet such as Insight Timer or Calm to help you get some quiet time to yourself

4. Get out into nature: go for a walk and take in the beauty of the fall colors

5. Focusing on our breath so that you can stay centered, calm, and energized

6. Focus on different time periods of the day to be sleeping, eating and exercising. Ayurveda recommends:

    a. Between 6 am – 10 am you get your exercise in and drink warm water first thing           
   when you get up

    B. From 10 am – 2 pm that you have our largest meal of the day

    C. From 2 pm – 6 pm you focus on your creativity, work, and projects

    D. From 6 pm – 10 pm you start to wind down by spending quality time with your            friends and family and making sure that your last meal of nourishing warm           soups or stews is 3 hours prior to bedtime. During this season, think of spices           ginger, turmeric, cardamom, and cloves and foods that are warm and moist.            Think of your recipes with cranberries, pumpkin and dark leafy greens. Cook            up a pot of kitchari a calming recipe for all doshas.

7. Tongue scraping: you say what? Are you thinking gross no way? How can I do that? I do tongue scraping everyday and if I can do it, you can too! You just take the scraper gently on the tongue first thing in the morning prior to you brushing your teeth. You just scrape a few times to see what color excess comes up. If it’s yellow, you may have a pitta imbalance. You can purchase a copper tongue scrapper fairly inexpensive online from Amazon.com.

8. Dry brushing: just like you brush your hair, you can brush your body to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells and increases circulation

9. Self-massage with soothing oils such as sesame, almond or sunflower oil instead of your lotion massaging toward your belly and heart all over your body hands, arms and legs with long strokes and circular motions on joints

10. Neti-Pot: to keep sinuses clear.  You put distilled water mixed with the salt solution that comes with your neti-pot and pour the water into one side of your nostril in the shower or over a sink and the water comes through the other nostril. The Himilayan Institute sells them as well as Internatural.com & would recommend the Chandra Ceramic Neti. Internatural.com also sells auyrvedic herbs and teas & great books on Ayurveda. They are offering my subcribers a 10% discount with the coupon code: Lisa. 

I hope that you will join us this month on Youtube at TeamWisdomYoga to explore the online yoga videos or go to our website TeamWisdomYoga.com to subscribe to our monthly newsletter so that you can create your own balanced daily schedule by incorporating the 10 suggestions above to keep you feeling healthy, energized, vibrant and strong!

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