5 Silver Linings from the Coronavirus

5 Silver Linings from the Coronavirus

by Lisa Wisdom

March 15, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic is causing panic, fear, stress and lowered immunity from all the news posting.  People are hoarding toilet paper, bleach wipes, paper towels and canned goods.  There was even a fist-fight apparently in the Wal-Mart over supplies in the small town on where I am from. 

There are things YOU can do to keep your immunity up and keep yourself calm amidst all of the chaos. They say there is always a hidden gift from difficult situations and as you know this Coronavirus too shall pass.  Just like the famous saying that there’s an ending to every storm. Here are some possibilities that come to my mind from this situation that could be a true gift.  

  1. Get quiet: First of all, this is a wonderful time to get quiet.  How often are you so busy with work, running errands, attending meetings, working out, spending time with family and friends that you really never get a chance to check in with yourself and really get a chance to see how you are truly feeling on a daily basis.  Do you distract yourself honestly with television, Netflix, shopping, eating, alcohol and more so that you don’t have to feel those emotions? Here’s a wonderful opportunity for you to reset yourself mentally, physically and emotionally. 
  2. Reflect: This outbreak allows you to self-quarantine and give yourself that much needed rest and healing. In addition, it allows yourself to reflect and to feel your emotions.  While reflecting, certain emotions may come to the surface which you can acknowledge, feel and let go. One way to help do this is through meditation and yoga. These are such important parts to this healing because you allow yourself to focus on your breath which quiets your mind. The benefit is that you can then see things from new perspectives, heal your body and find calmness thru reconnecting with yourself and others. 
  3. Growth: Your company may even require you to start working from home. Being at home, balancing work, family & your health might be something brand new. It might bring along new challenges, but it’s an opportunity for growth. In addition, you help the environment by working from home which allows less pollution from commuting and more personal time with yourself and your loved ones which may increase your creativity as well.
  4. Nature: Touching base with nature even while indoors since the universe is always trying to create balance to be in harmony and maybe this is an opportunity for you as well to find inner harmony. Slowing down allows you to listen to the birds sing, feel the wind blow on your skin, stargaze in the night sky and enjoy nature and become present with what is byy realizing the beauty of the simple things in life and not getting caught up in material goods that do not bring you true happiness.
  5. Mindfulness: By becoming more mindful through the use of all your senses noticing the sounds around you, the beauty in front of you, the taste of the healthy foods your eating, the touch of your skin, and smells around you, you become more present which causes less anxiety and worry about the future. In addition, starting or continuing a home yoga and meditation practice that you can sustain and continue to keep you balanced, calm, healthy and grounded. Even though a home practice might not be as quiet as practicing in a studio or gym, not as long & possibly not as easy since the distractions will be there, it’s so important to show up on the mat. It teaches you that if you show up on your mat, even with all the noise in the world going on, you can show up to what’s happening in our lives!

To help you and my yoga students continue their yoga practice when they weren’t available to attend a live class, I created FREE online yoga videos. When I created TeamWisdomYoga.com, my students back in WI were requesting me send them online videos so they could continue their yoga practice while I was with my youngest son as he was attending a different high school in a different state.  I have posted several videos of different lengths on YouTube under the channel TeamWisdomYoga. So, please take advantage of these free videos to allow yourself the practice of yoga.  You don’t have the excuse now that you’re too busy since you now can focus on you and healing! 

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