Distraction by Lisa Wisdom

Distraction by Lisa Wisdom

Yoga and meditation are good for you. Right? You already know that, but whether you actually roll out your mat or head to the studio for a live yoga class is a different thing. When you do actually practice, I can almost guarantee it that you’ll feel better. Why do you procrastinate on getting to your mat? Why do you allow other things to distract you such as getting caught up in your text messages, glancing at your work emails, looking over your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media accounts, watching tv, listening to music, cleaning, shopping, cooking, or maybe even just focusing on your cardio workouts and not thinking it’s as important to do your mind-body work.  Then you get caught up in them that by the end of the day, you feel like the day is done, you don’t have any more time and figure that tomorrow will be a different day and then skip your yoga practice. When in actuality, you need it the most. These distractions get in the way of you growing on the mat mentally, physically and emotionally. Can you use what you’ve learned in yoga to start to become aware of this pattern? 

Maybe you’re getting distracted because you really do not want to confront what is really going on inside you or maybe you don’t want to deal with it right now. You think to yourself that it’s not a good time, you have too many other things in your life that you’re tending to. 

Can you relate to any of this?

When you do take time to unroll the yoga mat and practice your yoga and meditation, you allow yourself to make space in the mind and body allowing these feelings to slowly come up to the surface where you can acknowledge them, thank them as these situations were brought in your life to learn from and that you can use your breath to let them go. It then gives you peace of mind, clarity and a sense of freedom. But, unless you do the work on the mat, you risk those buried emotions getting stuck in your hips, shoulders, belly which then sit and fester which can bring about possible dis-ease. The body is in a state of imbalance and those buried emotions can start to show their way to the outside through physical symptoms. Then perhaps you go see a Western doctor who wants to treat you for those issues when in reality you may need to be addressing the internal issues of what’s really going on. Now I’m not saying to ignore you doctors, but you can do the work and see if you can release the emotional and mental baggage that is weighing you down. 

How do we overcome the distraction then?

Here’s something you can try the next time you notice this start to happen. When you have a distraction or notice a distraction, maybe give yourself a time limit of say 15 minutes and set a timer on your phone so that it can be a habit you can start to change. After the 15 minutes (knowing internally you did allow yourself to get distracted), you then know it’s time to unroll your mat whether that be a home practice, live class or an online class. This way you can start to shift your focus and attention to you! 

How can Team Wisdom Yoga help? 

You can find online videos of yoga classes to access as my yogis who travel say it’s hard not to get distracted especially when traveling on the road.  So, these were produced to help you stay on track and committed to your daily yoga practice. Check out Youtube channel TeamWisdomYoga here to access the latest videos. These videos are different lengths in time so it can help you commit to your practice. Life can get hectic at times, but maintaining a daily yoga practice allows me to fill up my cup so that I have plenty to offer out of my cup to family, friends, co-workers or anyone that I come in contact with during the day. My family knows no matter what, even if we have to be at the airport at 5 a.m., sometime during that day, I will need to get onto my yoga mat to stay calm, present and energized for the day.  I hope that you will join us this month on Youtube at TeamWisdomYoga to explore the online yoga videos or go to our website TeamWisdomYoga.com to subscribe to our monthly newsletter so that you can create your own balanced daily schedule by incorporating the suggestion above to keep you feeling healthy, energized, vibrant and strong!   

If there is anything we can do to help you stay committed to your yoga practice, please let us know!  

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