5 Silver Linings from the Coronavirus

5 Silver Linings from the Coronavirus


5 Silver Linings from the Coronavirus

by Lisa Wisdom March 15, 2020 The Coronavirus pandemic is causing panic, fear, stress and lowered immunity from all the news posting.  People are hoarding toilet paper, bleach wipes, paper towels and canned goods.  There was even a fist-fight apparently in the Wal-Mart over supplies in the small town on where I am from.  There are things

Energy Spark by Lisa Wisdom

Do you need a spark in your life? What lights you up? How will you invest your energy in 2020? All week I’ve been asking my yoga students these questions. How will you invest your energy with your time and resources into something you love to do as we head into the next decade?  How

Be in Gratitude by Lisa Wisdom

Millions of reasons to be grateful Is the only time you’re mindfully thankful when you sit down at the Thanksgiving table? Why not practice your gratitude skills by mindfully thinking of 3 things that you are grateful for on an everyday basis? What are 3 things you are grateful for in your life at this

Give like the sun by Lisa Wisdom

Summer is a great time to practice yoga! It’s a time when the energy of the sun feeds our bodies and our food.  The sun is always giving and never asks anything from us.  Maybe today you can use this same principle in your life on giving to someone whether that be as simple as

Letting go by Lisa Wisdom

This is the 2nd time that a little bird has flown from our nest to college. I think this is one of the hardest parts of parenting. Letting go. Other parents this week told me to go that I should go out and celebrate! I’m not sure why I’m so sad & have that empty

What’s your inner vision by Lisa Wisdom?

A yoga student of mine came up to me after class & asked why I close my eyes a lot during class so it got me thinking that probably other students have that same question.  I explained to her that when we close our eyes, we’re able to go inside or what we call in

Ready for Fall by Lisa Wisdom?

Do you get an empty feeling in your stomach that summer is coming to an end?Ever since I was in college, I’d always get this empty feeling in my gut, that fall was coming, school was starting & summer was ending. To this day, I still get this feeling. I’m not sure if it’s because

Ayurveda 101 by Lisa Wisdom

Fall is so vibrant! With the leaves changing colors to beautiful gold, brown, red and orange and as the air gets crisper and temperatures start dropping, how can your yoga and meditation practice help you prepare for a seasonal shift as well as looking into an alternative to support your health?  The answer may be

Distraction by Lisa Wisdom

Yoga and meditation are good for you. Right? You already know that, but whether you actually roll out your mat or head to the studio for a live yoga class is a different thing. When you do actually practice, I can almost guarantee it that you’ll feel better. Why do you procrastinate on getting to

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